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This is our page for our reviews on things like: music, movies, gossip and much more. If you want us to review a certain thing just post it in the guest book and we will. enjoy!!!!!


Movie: The Princess Bride:

The Princess Bride is an awesome film I watched with Jazzy and we <3 it!!! Its a romantic adventure story that is quite adult in some bits. Overall I give it..... 4

<3 Kiki <3


Song: Party Over by Amelia lily

Overall, I <3 da catchy tune and da only thing I hav a doubt about is 4 da peeps that cant hear it...... <3 <3 <3 it!!!!! I giv it (DRUM ROLL) ..... 5!!!!

<3 Kiki <3


Book: The Wolf Princess 

Im not exactly sure who this book is by, however, what I do know is that it is in my top five books ever! Its a touching story about a girl named Sophie that is an orphan. After experiencing several dreams about a snowy forrest where she meets her mother and father, she sets her heart on going on the future trip to Russia. However, her trip to Russia is determined when a glamourous lady persuades the teachers to let her go with her two roommates. In Russia they are required to stay with a family and Sophie and her two friends are taken to the glamourous ladies house. On the train, the lady abandones them and they are not allowed to get off. Abandoned, they find themselves kicked off the train when they lose their tickets. When a man called Ivan comes to their rescue, they find themselves in the care of the Volonsky Princess. Unfortunatly, the castle she lives in is in ruins, there may be more to the Princess than they think and there are strange things going on; there may be more than just ruins in the castle...

                               An exciting and heartwarming story.... Overall I give it a... 4

<3 Kiki <3

Jewelery: Beans on toast ring

This beans on toast ring is cute and wearable. Its totally Katy Perry worthy! Did you know she wore one of these?! So if you wear one, youll not only be on trend and look adorable with an accesorie to die for but you'll also have a ring that Katy Perry has worn before! How awesome!!! Its cute, trendy and worn by a pop star; cheap too!! Overall I give it a... (Drumroll please) 

<3 Kiki <3

Watch: Slap-band Watches

These watches are great for daily wear; they're sustainable and funky! Your friends will go crazy over these just because they're unique. Additionally, you can get different colours and designs. A few months ago (or last year in August) I went to tenerife and brought one with their flags on it, my brother bought a green one whilst i brought a red one. Unfortunately, the design ones' design rub off after a couple of weeks therefore not looking fantablous. However, this only happens when you keep fiddling with them like me n my brother :-D Moreover, the actual watch thing is pretty hard to take out (when changing times) and put back in but when you get used to it, it becomes looser consequently getting easier to handle. WARNING: They are not waterproof!!! 

In summary, i give it a... 3.5 xx

♥ Jazzy 

Song: Wide Awake - Amelia Lily (Origianally by Katy Perry)

This song is truly amazing, and with Amelia singing it's an amazing song. Amelia Lily, as you know, is Kiki and I's fav singer cuz shes just a really good role model and brill singer. Her voice is absoulotely amazing in this, almost better than Katy's. Ill upload the song onto the music page. Additionally, her make up is fabulous with smoky eyes and a thin layer of lip gloss. Overall, i adore this song and when it's sung by the ultimate singer it gets a...5!!!! x

♥ Jazzy