Friends Forever xx

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She's your best bud, but are you putting her before yourself? There's a balance when it comes to friendships, so find out if you're giving too little, too much, or just enough!


1. Your best friend really wants you to go to a party with her because her crush will be there, but you don't want to go, so you:
A) Go with her and try to have a good time
B) Pretend your sick and say you cant go
C) Try to convince her to go to another party with you
2. She sends you an urgent "999" text while you are sleeping, and you have a test in the morning and need a good night's sleep. You:
A) Call her and ask whats wrong
B) Ignore her and go back to sleep
C) Text her back "talk 2moz"
When it's her birthday, you:
A) Take her out and spend £100 on clothes for her
B) Tell her "Happy Bday!"
C) Put baloons on her door
4. Both your boyfriend and your best friend love David Archuleta and you won tickets to his concert. You:
A) Invite ur bff
B) Invite ur bf
C) Make em fight
5. There's a new girl in class and your friend has been chosen to show her around and she's taking your best friend away from you.  You:
A) Try and join them
B) Be mean to her (new girl)
C) Ignore her

Mostly   B's

You're Giving Too Little

You love your friends, but you don't love putting yourself out there for them. If it involves a lot of effort, you'd rather just say no. While it doesn't necessarily make you a bad person, you should up your friendship rating by trying harder. Let your friend pick where to go eat or volunteer to pick her up from the airport if she needs a ride. These little things will make a big difference in how much your friends will appreciate you (and hopefully they'll reciprocate!)


Mostly C's

You're a Best Friend Forever!

You give enough time/energy/support to your friend that she can appreciate you without making you compromise yourself. You know your friend would never abandon you. Keeping that balance works for you because you're not overextending yourself and making your friend feel like she can ask anything of you (even when it puts you in danger or goes against your morals). Keep up the balance and you'll have an amazing friendship!


Mostly A's

You're Going Way Too Far

You're the type of girl who wants to give the world to the people you love. While that is often a cherished trait, it can also be hazardous to yourself and your relationships. Saying yes to everything your friend asks of you (even those things that put you in danger or go against your morals) is not the way to be a true friend. Having a balanced relationship where you do things for each other should be your goal. And remember, it can be OK to put yourself first when you need to!