Friends Forever xx

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Hi! Welcome to Friends Forever...

Hi! You have just entered an AWESOME website for bff's!

Name: Jazzy and Kiki (Jaya)

Age: You dont need to know!!!

Email: [email protected] (Email your problems and we rply directly 2 ur email)

Address: Hollywood, Calafornia (hopefully)

MSP:  KiwiTigerlilyxx (Kiki)

The whole reason for this website is to give you (i mean you there) a daily update of what we best friends do. We'll do an afterschool radio where we'll post all of the best songs ever. We have a fashion page, a top ten song of the month page and funny pics page. Additionally, if you have any problems (friendship etc.) email them and we will email you back! Beware, if you become obsessed, you may die because of lack of humour since...We are NOT as perfect as we seem. So, tell all your friends about this awesome, new website and just ENJOY! PEACE OUT! :-p xx

PS: Please not that we are using NICKNAMES and the email account is for site purposes only (spam will be deleted).If you use this information incorrectly then you WILL be blocked from access to the site and reported!!

Please note we are not held responsible for any misoccurences! 

Just 2 start off I postd Kiki's fave star attmptin 2 cook. Dis is 4 u Kiki!! <3